Warning for expert if you Travel to Iran



Iran’s intelligence forces(VAJA) in co-operation with the IRGC Cyber Defense Command infiltrates foreign guest’s Electronic equipment for cyber-infiltration.

Conferences and exhibitions are the best goal to disintegrate the equipment of foreign guests to Iran.

Many of the Islamic government’s cybercrime operations have been successful with this influential system, many Western expert systems have been infiltrated by this method.

We advise professionals to avoid using their used systems, such as mobile computers, before traveling in Iran.

It’s best to do not take your smartphone mobiles and take a simple computer that you do not have any information on it . Do not use the network of hotel and conference rooms to control your email.

It’s best to not use smartphone mobile such as iphone,Samsung or . it is better to use a phone without wifi ,bluetooth ,camera also do not take all your contact information with you. and take a simple computer that you do not have any information on it. Do not use the network at hotel lobby and conference rooms to check your email,use very good antivirus and always update your Antivirus, update you OS(operating System) and install all update security patch, use a VPN system and it is better to use the External WIFI card, if you are professional it is better also to use Linux OS.

Do not put any USB memories on your computer also if your friends give you such of this key, it is better if you also want to use your own USB key with other computer use USB Write

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